“American Comedy” – Donald Trump Will Be A Controversial Part of this Year’s Cannes Film Festival- Not in Person But Portrayed in thus New Motion Picture

Courtesy American Comedy
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Pete Allman’s portrayal of Donald Trump in ‘ American Comedy’is calamitous, and veteran actor Dan Lauria (The Wonder Years & Pitch) as the Pope, is stupendous work. Eric Roberts as the mob boss is very satisfying.

From Nancy Pelosi to Vladimir Putin, viewers will lose themselves in the half-hitch hilarity as Trump boldly leads viewers through predictable unpredictability.

With no fear or hesitation, Trump finds himself learning on the job as he plods along his collision course with other political leaders creating one comical debacle after another. Politics becomes comedy as each character offers their own set of idiosyncratic circumstances.

This side-splitting film has already garnered rave reviews after a limited sneak preview.

The film is centered on Donald’s visit to Los Angeles where he comes to improve his standing with California voters.

The plot has Donald visiting Mexican taco stands, Russian, Chinese and Persian restaurants to sample ethnic foods in order to connect with local communities and improve his image. 

At the restaurants he also meets with world leaders.  Anywhere he goes he finds himself in the middle of a hilariously funny situation.

And, of course, Donald’s lovely wife Melania (portrayed by Marianna Trofimova) gives him a hard time and slaps him for being overweight.

Tired of being chased by everybody Donald decides to escape from the US to Mexico with the help of the Mob Boss ( Eric Roberts). What follows is ultimately hilarious and wild situation with Donald getting stuck on the  Border wall, not being welcomed in Mexico and not being able to return to United States…

The very ending is as funny and unpredictable as the entire movie and will keep audiences guessing and laughing-as was seen at private screenings.

“Your film is funny. Your guy (Peter Allman) does a good job portraying Donald.                        

This comedy film should be made into a television series”-     —   David Zucker, Director/Producer of Airplane, The Naked Gun, Top Secret, Scary Movie.                                                                

“I am very happy with this first showing. Audiences really loved this comedy. This is the movie that creates Peace through Humor”.  Eric Zuley, Founder/ CEO eZWay TV. 

“Great movie, man!… Great movie!” – Flash Bugatti, Actor/ Producer, Influencer.  

“ A sense of humor will help …forget the politics for once and have a good time”, Lou Ferrigno, International film/ TV star and Academy voting member.

“American Comedy” delivers on their promise to ‘’Make America laugh again.” A film created to promote world peace, the filmmakers’ goal is to get people to laugh together and be nice to each other, especially during elections.”, Marie Adler, CEO of Adler and Associates Entertainment (AAE)

Ukrainian born Alex Ayzin and the film’s producer says: “Our mission is to make America and the World laugh, not fight. Make laughter not war! Unbiased equal opportunity political satire makes everyone laugh”.

Final notes:

As of this Press Release date, there has been no response from Moscow about Putin’s portrayal by Marty Ryan (Young Sheldon).  Reaction to this film sent through proper diplomatic channels is expected.

There is also a TV series spin-off of American Comedy in pre-production entitled ‘Donald’s World’. See www.amcofilms.com  

AAE buyers’ screenings at Marché du Film – Festival de Cannes 2024:

Friday, May 17, 05:30 pm, RIVIERA 2 – ‘AMERICAN COMEDY’


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