MARRIAGE CAN BE MURDER Review – See it on Zoom!

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You want to see a Las Vegas show, but don’t live in Las Vegas, and even if you do, you wouldn’t GO to a show right now? Marriage Can Be Murder will come to you – on line. The show, which began in 1999, in Las Vegas is a comedy, a mystery, and a killer! And you can watch it from the comfort of your home – or anywhere –on Zoom – on your computer, laptop, tablet or phone. This interactive show puts you in the action as you try to solve the mysteries of the murders.

It was the longest running dinner show in Las Vegas, but these days you’ll have to provide your own meal. But you don’t have to worry about tipping. And remember, since it is Zoom, not only can you see them, but they can see you. So dress – accordingly.

Emily Lauren Lepine is the wacky hostess with a heart of gold and an eye for the absurd. Photo by Dianne Davis

You saw it a few years ago? Not to worry, there are new murderers and new victims every few months. You’ll have the chance to put your sleuthing skills to the test as this interactive show on Zoom challenges you to figure out whodunit. Not once, not twice, but four times. Methods of death may be – but are not limited to – stabbing, poison, gunshots, or even killer bees. Yes, this show is drop-dead delicious entertainment.

The jokes are corny, the clues are fun, and the chase to find the murderer is the mystery that you can hope to solve. If you guess right, you can win a prize. If you guess wrong, hey, you had a lot of fun interacting with the actors and other zoom audience members.

The names have been eradicated to protect the innocent – or the guilty? Photo by Dianne Davis (as you can see above)

At any given performance there will be others playing along and being entertained by the outlandish shenanigans on screen. Various clues are made available throughout the show on a zoom cell to help you solve the crimes.

Photo by Burt Davis

When you register – and pay – in advance you’ll receive downloads to help you play detective. Jayne Post, the ditsy looking blonde, will set the stage – so to speak – at the beginning and you may be called upon to help by playing a doctor, part of the band, or a cheering section. Trust me, it’s fun.

You never know who you’ll meet at this event as the audience is not confined to local Vegas residents. Hey, get your friends from New York or Florida or anywhere to enjoy the show with you by signing on for same performance.

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Photo by Dianne Davis

There are ten minute break-out rooms following murders. Subjects there include what weapons would YOU use to commit murder and why. Our break-out room was led by Las Vegas entertainer Kevin Lepine playing the charming bartender who will be happy to mix you a special drink called the Quarantini. He helped us clarify our thoughts on the recent murder. It is possible that someone in your break-out rooms could be the murderer – or the next victim.

Photo by Burt Davis

The show is killer fun and you know you’ll have a good seat. Recommended for ages 8 and older as some adult references. You can sign on for performances which are held on Saturdays at 3:30 p.m. or 6:30 p.m. pacific time. Find out more at Marriage Can Be Murder. And ENJOY!


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