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About Our Readers and Reach

Our Reach:

  • 58,000+ unique readers per month
  • 75,000+ page views on average per month
  • According to Google, our articles are read in 232 countries/territories worldwide

Our Readers:

  • 57% of our readers are professionals aged 25-54 in major cities in the United States
  • 57% female  and 43% male
  • 51% have children, 49% have no children in the household
  • 70% are college educated with 21% with education beyond a bachelor’s degree

This dynamic, youthful audience is ready for adventure of all kinds, from exploring a new city, to enjoying the newest restaurant, from attending a fashion show from an avant-garde designer to trying out the coolest time-saving gadget. They avidly read Splash to find out what plays to see, what concerts to attend, what clothes to wear and where to book their latest vacation.