Travel Essentials for 2020

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Traveling in 2020 is clearly different than it has been in well, probably forever. People are beginning to travel and having the essentials with you is more important than ever.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for the traveler in your life, the Aria Kit provides all of your essentials in one spot and they are all products that they will grow to love even when they aren’t traveling. The Aria Kit a vegan leather bag filled with locally sourced items from the Pacific Northwest that will make your trip complete.

Kite notebook and pen inside Aria Travel Kit

–Aria solid perfume by Oregon Rain Naturals: Capturing the smells of the International Rose Test Garden in Portland, Oregon, this handcrafted solid perfume will awake your senses and prepare you for entering that gas station restroom. Made in Oregon.

–Aria all-natural deodorant by Wood’s Body Goods: Yes, this is an all-natural deodorant that WORKS, pinky promise. Not only is it incredibly effective, but it has a light citrus scent that will make you forget it’s been over 24 hours since your last shower. Made in Vancouver, B.C.

–Aria moisturizer & lip balm by Handmade La Conner: Made from natural ingredients and oils to restore your skin and lips to its baby-soft state. Made in Washington.

–A sumptuous eye mask made from the most luxurious silk with a density of 22, guaranteeing shut eye while on the road.

–Aria notebook: Designed by Seattle artist Cathy Wu, this pocket notebook is a must-have to jot down notes and ideas from along the road.

Also included are basic necessities such as a hair tie, ear plugs, disposable face mask, Emergen-C, Q-Tips and a pen.

Patti + Ricky have made traveling a little cooler as the warm weather is still upon us. Instead of lugging around neck towels and frozen water bottles to help prevent overheating while out in the scorching sun, slip on the cooling headband from Oro Sports. The slip-proof headbands made from premium performance spandex feature a concealed pocket at the base of your head where one frozen CoolPak can be inserted to help cool the blood en route to your brain. The cooling products are also available in gloves, vests and even bandanas for dogs. To see the entire lineup of products, visit: Patti + Ricky

recurrent is a line of non-toxic, gender neutral hygiene products designed with Gen Z in mind – they will simplify morning routines, and your packing list, given the 2:1 is ashampoo and body wash combo. It’s easy to travel with and cuts down on things to pack. 

Ingredients include refined shea butter, coconut oil, and reishi mushroom which will help prevent the dry skin that can result from traveling through different climates.


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